Welcome to my site. I’m Angela, a freelance writer, communications specicalist and aspiring author from Vancouver Island.

My writing career began in high school where I wrote concert and music reviews for the popular West Coast teen magazine Youthink. My only payment was the albums the editor sent me to review, but seeing my name in print lit a fire in me.

After earning my Journalism degree, I spent several years developing communication strategies and messaging at a major utility company. The writing wasn’t exactly riveting, but I believe the experience made me a more versatile writer.

I decided to leave my position and pursue a freelance writing career after my children were born, which helped me kick my creative gears back into action.

My writing appears in the Globe and Mail, HuffPost, Motherly, Vancouver Mom, and various Canadian parenting and health magazines across Canada.

I am now a Communications Specialist for the Vancouver Island Regional Library and currently working on my dream of becoming an author.